About eCater

eCater provides an easy and convenient online ordering system that allows any customer to find restaurants, cafes and caterers who provide regular evening home delivery, as well as office catering and corporate catering for business across Australia. eCater does the hard work for you, we find and list the very best restaurants, cafes and caterers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and most regional areas who all specialise in providing quality home delivery and catering for corporate meetings or private functions.

For customers, it’s simply a better way to order catering for your office, boardroom or even private party online. eCater costs no more to use, it is fast, efficient, allows you to pay online with your credit card and instantly sends you a record of transaction and tax invoice.

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Q. How do I begin placing orders?

Find your favourite local Cafe/Provider and click Add to begin your order. You can also just Register your details for future updates if you prefer. Also just type their web address (ecater.com.au/providername) directly into your browser and then begin your order or check their updates.


Q. What fees or charges are there for using the Ecater Website ordering service?

Absolutely none.


Q. Can I select to order from more than one Cafe or Provider?

Yes, you can order from as many different Providers using our system as you reasonably require to satisfy your needs.You can also keep your regular providers listed in your Favourites page.


Q. Are there any delivery fees when I use the service?

If any of our Providers charge a delivery fee this is clearly listed on your order confirmation.


Q. Can I order my everyday lunch, coffee’s or snacks from the site?

Absolutely! Just register once to set up your account and you can order everyday or set up your orders for the next week or more, all charged to your credit card so as you have a full record of your spending. Essentially you can order anything you like from your local cafe and just pop down and pick it up, or use their delivery service if available.


Q. Can I order my morning Coffee’s using the site?

Your local café has the choice of what type of orders they accept. Many accept rapid orders for coffee’s and sandwiches etc, check their menus. So hopefully you don’t need to find the coins anymore.


Q. No providers show up at my location when I search my suburb?

eCater adds new Providers daily around Australia, so while we may not be able to quite reach you today, eCater will be in your neighbourhood soon. Please help us grow by telling us about cafe’s and providers that should be on the eCater system at info@ecater.com.au. You can send us an email with your details to info@ecater.com.au so as we can let you know when providers are online in your area.


Q. What happens if I need help with my order?

Just call our customer service centre on 1300ECATER (1300 322 837)


Q. Any taste, Any Location, Delivered Fresh by ecater.com.au!

This promise means Delivered Fresh to the shop counter or your office, if the Provider delivers.


Q. How do I know my Order has been received?

You will receive an email confirming your order.


Q. I have not received an order confirmation email?

If you are receiving other emails check your spam or junk folder and set to receive these from eCater support no-reply@ecater.com.au


Q. What sort of lead time is required to order?

Depending on the size, type and complexity of your order, anywhere from 10 minutes for a “Rapid “coffee or sandwich pickup to 24 hours or more for general catering. Lead times are available for individual Cafes and Providers on their home page.


Q. Can I change my order once made?

Yes, just log into your order on your account page and make any changes you require. Of course as long as it is within the Cafes/Providers standard requirements listed on their home page.


Q. Can I cancel an order once made?

Yes of course. Again just as long as it is cancelled within the minimum time requirements listed


Q. Can I get a refund for a cancelled order?

Absolutely. You can choose either a refund or a credit to your account, as long as the order is cancelled within the minimum time and before the food is made.


Q. What if I have a custom order requirement?

If the details are not available from your favourite provider’s Home page just call the 1300ECATER Help line (1300 322837).


Q. What is the pricing policy?

Most Menu's include GST. The 10% Goods and Services Tax is added only to those menu items that incur GST at the time of purchase. Cafes and other Service providers may alter their prices at any time according to raw ingredient, wholesale goods price changes and market fluctuations.


Q. Can I give feedback on the quality or value of my food delivery?

Yes absolutely. Cafe’s/Providers value your feedback. You will receive a simple rating form via email once your order has been delivered. Just click the link and then the buttons and a star rating is produced and added to the Provider homepage. You can also provide written comments and feedback.


Q. How is my data secured?

Generally, when receiving cardholder information via our website your data is secured via a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) of 128-bit encryption. Please refer to our privacy policy.


Q. What is your policy for data Transmission?

Our payment gateway interface utilises XML request and response messages. The message transport is done via HTTP protocol using SSL. We will automatically use SecurePay’s security certificate to encrypt requests and decrypt responses from SecurePay. SecurePay's 128-bit SSL certificate is issued by Thawte Server CA.