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Presto Coffee

Address: 50 Pitt St, Sydney, Sydney
Category: Sandwiches Wraps rolls, Box Lunches, Function & cocktail catering, Box Lunches, Hot food delivery, Salads, Breakfast, Lunch, Vegetarian Friendly, Coffee, Cakes & Cupcakes, Pizzas
Delivery hours: Unknown

Presto Coffee , Sydney

Minimum Order For Free Local Delivery within 1.5klm's is $30.

Presto Coffee located at 50 Pitt St Sydney. A lunch, a business meeting, a cocktail, a special launch or any type of function, give us the pleasure to help you impress your guests! Attentive and original, our catering service adapts to your every need.

E: info@ecater.com.au               P: 1300 322 837 (1300 ECATER)

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